Our Principals

We are lucky to be working in an industry that we love and with people who share our passion for food and events.


Sebastien Centner

Sebastien Centner

President & CEO
416-964-1162 x-200 |  sebcentner@eatertainment.com

Sebastien is the Director of Eatertainment Hospitality and Eatertainment Special Events & Catering as well as the Founder of JECKL Agency.

Sebastien and his team has spearheaded and seamlessly executed hundreds of events for high-profile clients including Toronto Fashion Week, TIFF, Hugo Boss, Red Bull Air Races, BMW and former President Bill Clinton.

His passion for the event and catering business is evident in his constant presence in the day-to-day operations of Eatertainment Special Events & Catering. Regardless of size, Sebastien is dedicated to ensuring each event and every menu that is served meets the highest standards of service and quality.

Over the past few years, Sebastien has built a reputation as an industry trendsetter, and has become a go-to source for inspiring at-home entertaining concepts. In addition to being the Entertaining Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show, his dinner party concepts have been featured in National Post, Globe and Mail, Catersource Magazine, Homefront, Hello! Magazine, Style at Home, and on The Morning Show, Canada AM & ET Canada – to name a few.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Director Of Operations
416-964-1162 x-280 | jbrown@eatertainment.com

We have a saying in the hospitality business and that is “Plan everything in advance down to the smallest detail. Absolutely everything!” Because something will still surprise you and when it does, with everything else done, you will be able to deal with it.”

No one person in our organization better exemplifies this than Jackie.

Jackie has been in the hospitality industry for almost twenty years and has worked with Eatertainment for most of her career. Jackie originally joined the company as a manager at one of our restaurant locations, but quickly made the transition to our head office and has grown over the years thanks to her expertise and ability to manage large-scale hospitality operations.

Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews

Executive Chef, Catering
416-964-1162 x-310 | cmatthews@eatertainment.com

Inspired by great art and architectural design, Christopher Matthews’ approach to cuisine is all about balance. Christopher creates food, which, in addition to being presented in a contemporary fashion, harmonizes the relationship between great taste, perfect texture and bold colour, while being grounded in the core concepts of Local Food Plus (LFP) and slow food.

Christopher is an industry veteran, having helmed the kitchens of two of Toronto’s largest catering companies for over five years each before joining Eatertainment in 2009. Since his arrival Chris has overseen the development of a new kitchen facility and helped create many of the systems that ensure we can flawlessly execute over 800 events each year. Chris is instrumental in the development of new projects and concepts as he leads the culinary team towards new innovations and cutting-edge cuisine.

Zach Jacobs

Zach Jacobs

Executive Chef, Restaurants

Zach Jacobs leads an amazing team of talented culinary professionals who make our restaurant experiences memorable. Zach’s dedication to local suppliers and ingredients is shown through the mix of seasonal and classic dishes featured at The One Eighty.

Having helmed the kitchens for Eatertainment for the past seven years, Zach approaches cuisine which an appreciation for developing menus that speak to our core values – innovative yet approachable fine dining.

Rick Steffl

Rick Steffl

Manager, The One Eighty
416-967-0000 | rick@the51stfloor.com

Rick Steffl is a Manager of The One Eighty, bringing two decades of restaurant management experience to making each guest’s visit a memorable one. Rick has been a part of the Eatertainment family for over a decade and is on a first name basis with all our regular patrons!

Stephen & Maryone Center

Stephen & Maryone Centner


In the late seventies in Toronto the restaurant scene was dim and interesting dining options were scarce. But then Stephen & Maryvone Centner set out to change things. As a husband and wife team they created Eatertainment and have since brought to life some of the cities most iconic restaurants including The Bloor Street Diner, Panorama Lounge, Café Des Copains, Bermuda Onion, Markelangelo’s, Les Copains and Bottom Line.

Their passion for this business was passed on to their two sons; Sebastien who leads Eatertainment today as President and CEO, and Olivier, who has built one of the largest digital menubox networks in North America, Digital Menu Box, with over 4,000 menu boxes currently operating in six countries.

Still active in the business to this day, Stephen and Maryvone started something very special which the Eatertainment family – which now numbers in the hundreds – plans on continuing for many many years to come.