Catersource Holiday Issue


Creative, Cost-Effective Corporate Parties:

I was recently joking with a good friend of mine who works in finance, asking him whether the lifestyle depicted in the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street was really what life used to be like for him, and whether he missed those days. His answer was pretty short. “Not really, but yes.” The reason I asked was because as an event planner and caterer, the movie stuck in my brain for reasons a non-event professional would never be able to understand. It wasn’t the insanity of their lifestyle, or the complete lack of morality that intrigued me, it was something altogether less deep: it was the parties. They looked absolutely legendary! Any time I watch a moviethat displays eccentric and limitless celebrations I wonder to myself what it might be like to be the event planner behind those over-the-top events, with boundless budgets and no limits.

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