Chef Spotlight: The Men Behind The Culinary Magic


Chef Spotlight: The Men Behind The Culinary Magic

Introducing the powerhouses behind our ever-evolving culinary experience at Eatertainment. Meet the men who have proven countless times that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, especially when it comes to our diverse range of events and menu requests.

Behind the scenes, Christopher Matthews, Kris Rushton, and Chris Wies infuse passion, creativity, and expertise into every plate, ensuring that each dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

As we head into the kitchens of Eatertainment, we discover the inspirations, philosophies, and mouth-watering creations of these talented chefs.


What is your name?
Chris M: Hi my name is Christopher Matthews

Kris: Kris Rushton

Chris W: Chris Wies


What is your culinary team title? 
Chris M: I am the Catering Executive Chef

Kris: I am the Executive Sous Chef

Chris W: I am the Chef de Cuisine


Do you have a kitchen nickname(s)?
Chris M: Chef

Kris: Rush

Chris W: Chef Weezy/Chef Man Bun

What inspired you to become a chef, and how did your journey lead you to Eatertainment?
Chris M: Growing up, I was fascinated by my mother’s culinary skills, which sparked my passion for cooking. My journey from working at restaurants to finding my niche in catering ultimately led me to the role of Catering Executive Chef at Eatertainment.

Kris: My parents for sure. My mother loved to cook and my father who is a graphic designer. Putting food and art together was just a win-win for me. A career with infinite knowledge, no right or wrong, rules that are meant to be broken and endless possibilities? It’s intriguing, isn’t it? I have never regretted it. My journey to Eatertainment came from a mutual friend of Chef Mathews and me. He thought we’d be a great fit. He was right! We formed like Voltron if you know what I mean.

Chris W: I began working in the field at the age of fifteen as a dishwasher at the Boondocks Eatery. It was the first restaurant I had ever worked in, and I was sold after watching the chefs experiment with fire and flambé. My passion for cooking brought me to Toronto 12 years ago, having travelled the country for 18 years as a restaurant employee. Wanting a change, I discovered my passion for catering and have stuck with it ever since.

Describe your cooking style.
Chris M: I appreciate a flavorful, balanced and approachable cooking style.

Kris: My style of cooking is artistic, elegant and always striving for perfection. My theory is that if it looks pretty, it probably tastes good too.

Chris W: I was trained in every cooking style, from classical French fine dining to seafood and I have a love for all types of Asian cuisine. This love for diverse cooking styles and tastes has become the basis for which I love incorporating those flavours and creating fusion dishes.


What aspects of being part of Eatertainment’s culinary team excite you the most, and why?
Chris M: One aspect that excites me the most is knowing that whatever food ideas and menu concepts I can dream of, I can confidently rely on our team of chefs and their wealth of experience to bring these ideas to life in the best way possible.

Kris: The people that surround me. Without them, I would be bored and have moved on. Working with talented people in all parts of this industry is what excites me. If there’s no passion for the people you work with, it’s hard to excel. The team I work with constantly pushes for excellence, ingenuity and excitement. That’s what excites me the most.

Chris W: One thing that excites me is being able to lead a team of talented chefs to ensure a flawless event, which gives me great satisfaction. I am one to strive for the utmost perfection when it comes to delivering amazing dishes that not only look good but also set trends and make clients happy.


What’s your favourite ingredient to cook with?
Chris M: That is simple. Rice, all kinds.

Kris: Cilantro. Love it or hate it, it’s one ingredient that will always liven up any dish.

Chris W: You can never go wrong with butter and garlic!

What is a dish or menu concept you’ve created for Eatertainment, and what makes it unique to you?
Chris M: I’ve created most of the menu concepts for Eatertainment. Each shares my philosophy of balancing taste, style, texture and colour.

Kris: The Mac cube squared. As to why it’s unique to me, it’s a breaded/fried geometrical, cheesy bombshell! What’s not to love?

Chris W: The bulgogi beef and crispy sushi rice. Through my love for Asian cuisine, I spent time at a Korean restaurant to learn how to make traditional dishes like kimchi and bulgogi. Using this knowledge and the Japanese sushi rice recipe, I created this Korean-Japanese fusion of a crispy, tender umami dish.


Eatertainment is known for its diverse range of events and menu items. How do you adapt your cooking to suit different occasions and tastes?
Chris M: I constantly research and look out for new trends, concepts and flavour combinations and apply them to my repertoire.

Kris: Diversity is a must in this industry Catering is exactly as the word implies; we cater to so many different needs, people, ethnicities, cultures and tastes. I adapt because I enjoy learning all types of cuisines, tastes and the stories behind them.

Chris W: The great thing about catering is the diversity. I love to adapt to individual clients by using experience and learning from others. I love to understand the client’s vision of their events so I can be creative and innovative.


Collaboration is essential in this industry. How do you work with the rest of the Eatertainment team to deliver exceptional catering experiences?
Chris M: There are an almost infinite number of details associated with any event. Keeping the lines of communication open with the front-of-the-house staff and sharing these details is crucial to our success.

Kris: Being open-minded and working with very open-minded people helps. We all have different visions for what is possible, but if you can’t share your ideas with open-minded people, what’s the point?

Chris W: Everyone in the kitchen has their strengths and having a well-diverse team is what makes it an exceptionally experienced team in any kitchen. This collaboration allows us to make every event an exceptional experience.


What’s the most unusual food combination you’ve tried that surprisingly worked well together?
Chris M: This might sound odd but kimchi and buffalo mozzarella grilled cheese.

Kris: Savoury & sweet all the way! Dirty, stinky cheese and jam, ice cream and salt. I just love bringing two items together that most people think shouldn’t be, but they work. As for unusual, that’s yet to be met.

Chris W: I have so many, but my most unusual is probably pecan, mushroom and amaretto butter for salmon.

What’s your Death Row meal?
Chris M: I have a lot but I’ll list a few. A bowl of white truffles for the incredible bouquet, East Coast oysters (extra briny), bone marrow with sourdough crostini, grilled rapini with roasted garlic & lemon, duck confit with cassoulet, Gorgonzola, abate pear and honey, and caramel budino with sea salt.

Kris: A fresh sourdough baguette, French salted butter, cheese and some Ibérico ham. A great wine to match would also be appreciated.

Chris W: A pizza or T-Bone with baked potatoes and fiddlehead or ramen


What could we find you doing when you’re not in the kitchen?
Chris M: Gardening. I love gardening.

Kris: Carpentry, tinkering with electronics and travelling for food with my wife.

Chris W: Fishing, gardening, camping, chilling at a cabin, making a fire, playing with my son and dog or playing video games.


We raise our glasses to Christopher Matthews, Kris Rushton, and Chris Wies. Their dedication, creativity, and unwavering passion for the art of cooking have transformed ordinary meals into unforgettable experiences. From small gatherings to big events of 1000+ people, their culinary creations continue to delight and inspire.

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