Dear clients and friends,

While the past few weeks have been tremendously challenging for everyone both personally and professionally, we are optimistic that, with the ongoing precautions put in place by our governments, a return to life as ‘normal’ will eventually be possible.

We do realize however that with the uncertainty of the timeline for a return to ‘normal’ life, we must plan for the short and medium term.

As we look to the future, I want to share with you what we at Eatertainment have been doing over the past weeks, and what we plan to do over the coming weeks and months.

Firstly, let me say that I am confident that things will eventually return to normal (albeit with a heightened sense of security) as no challenge in history can keep humanity from doing what comes naturally to us, congregating. People will come together again, for dinner parties, in restaurants, at concerts, for conferences, on trips and at weddings, and when this happens, we will be there to serve them that first glass of wine and that amazing Eatertainment meal.

I also want to express how proud I am of the entire Eatertainment team. The resilience shown over the past few weeks from these amazing people has reinforced my appreciation for those who can rise to a challenge and overcome any obstacles.

Stay safe and stay sane my friends,

Sebastien Centner
Founder & President – Eatertainment Events & Catering


As of March 17 we scaled back our operations to a skeleton crew of essential workers supporting our ‘Family Box’ meal delivery program.

The Family Box program was a response to our clients looking for healthy alternatives to take-out meals and to reduce the strain on their households having to grocery shop and cook day-in and day-out.

We started with three Family Box meals (Mediterranean, Eastern, Southwestern) but quickly expanded the program as a result of the demand to include 3 more options (Ready-To-Grill, Vegan, Spanish Tapas) and a collaboration with The Bottom Line for a Wings & Ribs box. We continue to be overwhelmed by the success of this program and to the spin-off virtual events that are taking place around the Family Box program.

Further to the above program, we added alcohol add-ons (offering wine, beer and cocktail options – all at very reasonable pricing) and dessert add-ons in conjunction with local dessert maker Delysees.

Our full delivery menu is available online at and online ordering is available at For updates on new offerings make sure to follow us on Instagram @eatertainment

We have also committed to donating one meal for every Family Box sold to a local food community centre with whom we have a long relationship and who need support more than ever.


While we are exceptionally proud of Eatertainment’s immaculate health record and reputation for following the strictest health standards we have implemented a number of new processes and protocols in light of the current environment.

• increased on-site sanitation, cleaning and hygiene processes for all employees and all equipment and facilities
• implementation of new screening processes for employees prior to their arrival at work and then upon arrival including temperature checks of all employees
• addition of appropriate signage throughout our facilities to advise and alert employees and guests of the importance of new procedures
• development of new menus specifically designed to provide customers with fully sealed individual meals and small group meals
• special on-site safety kits for our staff when they eventually return to off-premise catering including sanitizer, gloves and masks/face shields to protect them and our/your guests,
• our kitchen facilities are currently off-limits to non-kitchen and non-managerial staff

We are considering further changes to our processes and menus that will come into effect in the next few weeks and months as the medium and long-term outlook becomes clearer and as the uncertainty of the future begins to evolve into a more planned future.

I want to end with thanking our customers who are the foundation of our brand. Eatertainment has been around for almost 25 years and while many things may be uncertain right but the one thing that remains a certainty is that we will get through these challenging times, and Eatertainment will be there for you.

We will celebrate together and I look forward to it.