Sebastien Centner
Founder & Creative Director
Sebastien Centner is the Creative Director of Eatertainment Hospitality & Eatertainment Special Events & Catering. Sebastien launched Eatertainment Special Events & Catering, which has grown to be one of Canada’s top event planning and catering companies and was awarded ‘Best Caterer in Canada’ by the Canadian Event Industry Association.
Currently Eatertainment hosts over 1,000 events each year in Canada and the US. Sebastien has spearheaded and seamlessly executed hundreds of events for high-profile clients including Red Bull, TIFF, Hugo Boss, BMW and Porsche. Sebastien has also had the privilege of hosting events for such public figures as Martha Stewart, President Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt, to name a few. Sebastien is also the founder of Jeckl Agency – an extension of Eatertainment that hosts events around the globe. Whether planning a fairytale million $ plus wedding (complete with 6 week structure build overlooking the lake), launching the new BMW M3 & M4 with a 10 week program including laps of the formula 1 track in Istanbul, hosting a corporate retreat complete with cage-diving with great whites in South Africa, or travelling with friends to Art Basel in Miami or Art Friese in New York, Sebastien has seen it all and managed every aspect of the logistics to pull of the most complex of events anywhere in the world. Recognized as an ‘Entertaining Expert’ and media personality, Sebastien’s concepts, recipes and lavish events have been featured in Hello! Magazine, EnRoute, Style at Home, Toronto Fashion, The National Post, The Globe & Mail, Toronto Sun, House & Home, among others. He currently is a contributing editor to Homefront Magazine. Additionally, Sebastien appears regularly on The Marilyn Denis Show sharing his entertaining tips & tricks and has also been seen on The Morning Show, ET Canada and Canada AM.
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Kori Gorman
Director of Events & Catering
Kori brings to Eatertainment Events & Catering a wealth of experience as she takes on the role of Director of Events and Catering, a natural progression of her remarkable career in the event industry. Her expertise in catering, as well as event production and large scale logistics serves her well as she leads Eatertainment’s talented team of event managers who make each of their 1,000 events per year run smoothly.
Originally from the East Coast, Kori’s background in theatre led her into events where she found her true passion. In addition to the hundreds of events she has managed for clients ranging from Audi to Xerox (and everyone in-between), her proudest moments include her work on the Much Music Video Awards, The Globe and Mail’s 125th Anniversary Bash and the Opening and Closing Galas for the Toronto International Film Festival. When Kori is not busy running Eatertainment you can usually find her jamming-out on one of her antique guitars!
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Chris Matthews
Executive Chef, Catering
Inspired by great art and architectural design, Christopher Matthews’ approach to cuisine is all about balance. Christopher creates food, which, in addition to being presented in a contemporary fashion, harmonizes the relationship between great taste, perfect texture and bold colour, while being grounded in the core concepts of Local Food Plus (LFP) and slow food. Christopher is an industry veteran, having helmed the kitchens of two of Toronto’s largest catering companies for over five years each before joining Eatertainment in 2009.
Since his arrival Chris has overseen the development of a new kitchen facility and helped create many of the systems that ensure we can flawlessly execute over 800 events each year. Chris is instrumental in the development of new projects and concepts as he leads the culinary team towards new innovations and cutting-edge cuisine.
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Lisa Costantini
Senior Event & Catering Manager
Lisa completed her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Guelph. Lisa has had a passion for all aspects of the food industry since she was a little girl. After working for her family owned restaurant for several years and eventually opening her own pizzeria and catering company, she decided her true passion was in events and bringing other people's visions to life. The variety of being immersed in planning a black tie wedding one day and the ultimate kids birthday the next, helps fuel her creativity and keep things interesting and fun!
Cameron Borland
Senior Event & Catering Manager
With an extensive background spanning 9 years across the bar, kitchen, and back office, Cameron's expertise in hospitality adds a valuable dimension to the Eatertainment Event team. His commitment to delivering exceptional cuisine and cocktails, tailored to the needs of each event, is what drew him to the catering industry. Cameron is a dynamic team player, always eager to assist and inspire those around him. He has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous ambitious events, where his meticulous attention to detail and boundless creativity guarantee an unforgettable experience for all.
Joan Sierra
Event & Catering Manager
Joan is an experienced hospitality professional with extensive on-site management expertise. Viewing himself as a helper by nature, Joan thrives on supporting both his team and guests with care and attentiveness. With careful attention to detail and a proactive approach, he ensures that every event exceeds expectations. Outside of work, you can often find him immersed in a good book, indulging his passion for reading, or exploring new culinary delights, satisfying his curiosity by trying different foods. Engaging in these activities not only brings him joy but also helps him unwind and recharge, ultimately enhancing his performance in the workplace.
Sheila Centner
Vice President of Creative
Sheila Centner is the Vice President of Creative for Eatertainment and its related companies, spearheading the drive to keep our brands and content at the forefront of creating new and exciting trends in dining, culinary and entertaining. Sheila’s role with Eatertainment has always been to push forward new initiatives that make their way into our award winning events.⁣ ⁣ In addition Sheila shares the spotlight with Sebastien with their work on tv, on-line, in-print and through their various social media channels as they share their tips, tricks and recipes around entertaining.
Most recently Sheila took on the role of Executive Producer of our newest brand ‘Seb & Sheila’ which focuses on couples entertaining through on-line videos, social media posts and an upcoming entertaining guide and cookbook with Penguin Random House.⁣
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Victoria Gibson
Marketing Director
Victoria is a highly talented marketing professional, who initially honed her skills in the events industry before making the transition to marketing. With her innate creative flair, Victoria is the driving force behind all marketing efforts at Eatertainment. Victoria has an uncanny ability to adapt to new challenges and innovate to achieve exceptional results. She thrives in the fast-paced and ever-evolving marketing landscape, where she has quickly made a name for herself as a skilled strategist and a trusted partner to her colleagues.
In her current role, Victoria oversees all aspects of marketing under the Eatertainment company umbrella, including branding, advertising, and digital marketing campaigns. She is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to engage with audiences and drive business growth.
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Jackie Brown
Special Projects
We have a saying in the hospitality business and that is “Plan everything in advance down to the smallest detail. Absolutely everything!Because something will still surprise you and when it does, with everything else done, you will be able to deal with it.” No one person in our organization better exemplifies this than Jackie. Jackie has been in the hospitality industry for over twenty five years and has worked with Eatertainment for most of her career.
Jackie originally joined the company as a manager at one of our restaurant locations, but quickly made the transition to our head office and has grown over the years thanks to her expertise and ability to manage large-scale hospitality operations.
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Julianna Csiszar
Head of Accounting
When it comes to managing the accounts, suppliers and billings for over 1000 events each year, it takes someone very organized and Julianna has proven over the past 16 years to be the woman for the job! Julianna's keen eye for detail and analytical prowess ensure our financial records are impeccable. Beyond the numbers, her infectious energy and bubbly personality create a positive work atmosphere that's truly inspiring. But Julianna's role isn't all about work. She's the mastermind behind our famed "Cocktail Fridays," blending professionalism with a dash of fun. With a zest for life, she embraces outdoor adventures and relishes time with family and friends.
Lizz McKenna
Director Design Exchange
Lizz is the visionary behind our events at the Design Exchange. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for creating captivating atmospheres, Lizz transforms spaces into immersive experiences. Her innovative designs and creative flair set the stage for unforgettable events. With years of experience in the industry, Lizz understands the art of fusing style and function seamlessly. From elegant soirées to cutting-edge corporate gatherings, she ensures every event is a visual masterpiece.
Kris Rushton
Sous Chef, Catering
Kris Rushton is our Catering Sous Chef, a position which supports the Executive Chef in planning, prepping and executing over 1000 events annually. Kris spent most of his childhood alongside his mother and grandmother making wine and cooking with his Italian babysitters. Kris’ culinary education took him across Europe, apprenticing in kitchen in Italy and France while also learning butchery and fish mongering.
Returning to Toronto, Kris worked at Le Select Bistro where he honed his skills in French cuisine, then Crush Wine Bar and Scaramouche under the tutelage of renowned chef Keith Froggett. It wasn’t until Kris spent a few years in Costa Rica catering for a crowd of Hollywood elite that he truly fell in love with the catering aspect of the culinary craft. Developing menus for broad ranges of palettes and working through the logistics of managing varied budgets for events as large as 4,000 guests, was where Kris eventually found his ‘forever home’ with Eatertainment.
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MeeLee Ryu
Professional Chaos Coordinator
A determination to succeed in the industry - not to mention a love of food and cooking - brought MeeLee to the fast-paced world of Events & Catering with Eatertainment. She has over a decade of hospitality expertise to bring to our team, which is what originally landed her this specially tailored role. With an impeccable ability to follow-through on every detail of an event agenda, schedule multiple events simultaneously, and oversee various facets of operations of Eatertainment, MeeLee is the glue that holds our daily operations together.
You might say she gets such discipline and focus from her study of mixed martial arts, golf, and snowboarding. One thing is for sure, MeeLee doesn't mess around when it comes to spread sheets or sports!
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Amazing Carl
Marketing Coordinator
Amazing is a highly motivated and creative marketing and advertising professional, renowned for her innovative thinking, user-centred approach, and out-of-the-box ideas. With a strong passion for creative direction, content creation, and digital marketing, she pursued a career in the industry. Amazing holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management, and several certifications in digital marketing, email marketing, data analytics, and digital skills. As a true team player, Amazing is always willing to collaborate with others and roll up her sleeves to achieve great results.
In her current role, she leads the company's content creation, manages multiple social media accounts, and provides assistance to her team whenever needed. She is constantly researching new digital marketing technologies and trends to find novel ways to engage audiences and deliver cutting-edge results. In addition to her professional pursuits, Amazing is a passionate traveler who draws inspiration from exploring new places. Her deep understanding of diverse cultures and appreciation for the arts contribute to her creativity and innovative approach to marketing and advertising.
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Daniela Gonzalez
Design Exchange Event Manager
Daniela is a former psychologist who found her true calling in the event planning industry! With a background in consumer behaviour, she knows exactly how to create unforgettable experiences that keep people talking long after the party's over! After moving to Canada in 2019 to study tourism marketing and product development, she dove headfirst back into the world of event planning, bringing her unique perspective to the industry. What sets her apart as an event planner is her ability to find the perfect balance between strategy and fun.
She understands how to get people excited about your event, whether it's through mouth-watering food, killer music, or just the right atmosphere. When she's not busy creating magic for my clients, you can usually find Daniela salsa dancing on Friday nights or hosting dinner parties for loved ones. Because at the end of the day, it's all about bringing people together and creating memories that last a lifetime!
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Miguel Guzman McNaught
Design Exchange Event Manager
Meet our event management expert with a global flair! With a rich background in international tourism and culinary experiences, Miguel seamlessly blends creativity, adaptability, and imagination to craft unforgettable events. His keen eye for detail ensures every element is meticulously curated, leaving no stone unturned. A true people person, excelling at networking, and forging meaningful connections to make each event unforgettable. His innovative approach sets trends and transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. Entrust your event to this passionate professional and watch him weave magic, turning your vision into a remarkable reality that leaves lasting impressions.
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Nadia Halencak
Design Exchange Operations Manager
Meet Nadia! She’s been in the hospitality industry for over 16 years! During her childhood, Nadia enjoyed the details of planning her birthday parties and assisting her grandmother with family holiday preparations & anything she could do for special occasions. This brought on a “Make Life a Party” mentality which led Nadia to the Event Management Program at George Brown College. Post grad, she developed her admin & event skill set with companies such as, Mercedes-Benz, Economic Club of Canada and The Yacht Week. If she’s not planning your dream party, you can find Nadia letting loose on the dance floor or riding her motorcycle.
James Huang
Office Administrator & Event Assistant
James is a graduate of the prestigious LesRoches Global Hospitality Management Education and holds a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in French haute cuisine. He brings lots of experience in global food and beverage management to the table, having completed numerous internships abroad. He is an excellent team player who thrives at organizing businesses and putting workplace modernization initiatives into practice. His keen attention to detail ensures nothing slips through the cracks. He is not just a problem solver; he's a solution-oriented professional who thrives on challenges. His ability to provide project support and resolve issues efficiently is second to none. In addition, his organizational skills and flexibility allow him to handle several projects at once without sacrificing quality. Finally, James has a strong sense of motivation and is renowned for his attention to detail in all that he does.